FROM 2008 Stay tuned for 2013 Ride Route Information...

What: 750 mile or more-  bicycle ride

Where: From Cleveland Ohio to Boston Massachusetts.  The route may be determined based

             on what were learn along the way about road conditions and scenery and the

             opportunity to meet people in the transplant community.

When: Stage 1:          July 29 - August 4 Start in Cleveland...

            Stages 2 & 3: August 18 - August 28 Pick up where we left off with some interruptions

                                  to play gigs and teach and end in Boston MA - see blog for full schedule.

How: I will be riding my road bicycle an average of 66 miles a day while my wife Barbara drives

         our 1992 Saab 900T along the route scouting out places to sleep, eat and do laundry while

         stopping to take lots and lots of pictures. .

Why: To raise organ donor awareness, challenge myself, celebrate life and help support the

         transplant community.

Be sure to check back to keep track of our progress!