2008 Donors. We thank you. Being on the road incurs lots of costs. We thank you deeply for your contributions. The Tour De Second Chance has been made possible in part by the generous support

from the following:

John and Liz Silliman in loving memory of Nancy Silliman       Barbara Morison

Schumer family                                                                         Monique Duhaime

Barbara and Marty Nislick                                                         Burton and Catherine Gates

Claudyne and Tad                                                                     Rob Allen

June and Art Nislick                                                                  Victoria

Kathy and Larry Young                                                             Becca VanFleet

Randy Bare                                                                               Hugh Hanley

Romi Webster                                                                           John Nelson

Stephanie Stewart                                                                     Kathy Ray and Dennis Gaffney

Ariane Nick                                                                                Tony Peter /Headwest Hoffman

Ken and Auli Batts                                                                     Lorne and Barbara Entress

Sonny Barbato                                                                                                                 

Cards I’ve received from you - thanks!

This year we launched a GoFundMe campaign and were moved by the response. Thank you for your support! This is our ride together and you have all made the

Tour de Second Chance possible.

David Gessner    David Palumb    Denis Phillips    Deb & Joe Corrado    Sara Burke

The Velonas    Allyson Maynard    Rose Cousins    Jennifer Kimball    Kara Guillory

Catharine David    Stephen Stone    Meg Hutchinson    Jake Armerding

Andy Plaisted    Tim Jackson    Liz Byron    Melissa Ferrick    Stephanie Stewart

Tommy & Diane    Julie Winslow    Pat O'Donnell    Darleen Wilson  

Kathleen Finn    Bob & Connie Bradshaw    June & Art Nislick