I'd like to take this moment to acknowledge and praise the incredible work so many people have done to make all the medications on which I rely to keep me alive. I am particularly struck by how in this very competitive world, my life-saving cocktail is made up of medications from several different companies. I applaud the work done in concert to get just the right synthesis. So Wyeth, Pfizer, Genentech, Roche, and Astellas -  Thank You!

I would surely fail the doping test if this event had one. Below is a list of the medications I take every day- yes, every day. There are many challenges involved in taking the meds and even keeping them in my medicine cabinet. I am grateful for the financial support I get to be able to even afford these meds month after month as I will be taking them for the rest of my life. As I am only able to get a limited supply of each prescription and each prescription has a different schedule I make frequent trips to my pharmacies and need to check in regularly with my healthcare practitioners to renew prescriptions. You can see I take my meds spread out through the day because my doctor mentioned that was the most efficient and effective way for the medication to be distributed in my body. At that advice I became very compliant. 

It took a year of experimentation to find the right combination of meds that worked for me. my cardiologist told me that a transplant was not a cure but that it was my only option for life.  I traded one set of circumstances when I had cardiomyopathy for another set of circumstances with my transplant.  With my meds I experience and have learned to live with frequent side effects like migraines, headaches, diarrhea and mood swings - to name a few.   To learn more about what each medicine is for check out:     http://www.transplantexperience.com/heart_body_medications_anti-rejection.php


This elegant Danish pill vessel, designed by  Erik Bagger was given to me by Ingrid Graudins back in the late 90’s when we were on tour in Europe. I’ve been using it for medication ever since.   Thanks Ingrid.